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“Blak Britney” by Miss Kaninna is a forceful debut from a rising Australian R&B future star. As a proud Yorta Yorta, Kalkadoon, and Yirendali woman, she is for sure going to be one of the artists shaping the Australian music landscape with her unique voice, perspective and talents. I’ll be honest. I’ve just played this from the NIMA chart playlist (entered at No.6) and I’ve hit repeat on it about half a dozen times so far. I LOVE IT! This track is going to be f*cking huge. At 2.34 length, it is the perfect timing to make you hit play again and again and again. It is destined to knock KID LAROI off of the top of the NIMA charts in the next couple of weeks.

Lyrically, “Blak Britney” is a raw and unapologetic narrative of Miss Kaninna’s experience. The verses reveal personal struggles and societal critique, such as her father’s incarceration and the government’s lack of support. Yet, despite these hardships, she reiterates her resilience, proclaiming, “But still I prevail”.

The chorus is catchy and impactful, with Miss Kaninna declaring herself a “deadly bitch” and a “Blak Britney Spears”. This phrase encapsulates the artist’s defiant attitude, her black pride, and her ambition to conquer the pop world just like Britney Spears, albeit on her own terms and from her unique cultural standpoint.

The power and defiance conveyed in “Blak Britney” echoes the artist’s real-world sentiments. The song, as described by Miss Kaninna herself, is a protest against the government and a call for empowerment for Blak women, who she feels are underrepresented in the Australian music scene.

It’s clear that Miss Kaninna is an artist to put on Your Music Radar as a YMR Watch List artist. “Blak Britney” not only demonstrates her musical talent and distinct style but also her ability to deliver a powerful message with authenticity and conviction. As we eagerly await her full-length release, “Blak Britney” serves as a promising glimpse of what’s to come.

You can stream it below on Spotify, but we recommend you go into it via Bandcamp and buy a digital download so you’re helping to fund the artist directly. Go for it.

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