Blondfire – Where The Kids Are (Team Spirit Remix)

Oh come on…really?  We’ve had this sitting in our inbox for 16hrs today. We just got to it and no one has had the sense to get this track blogged, posted and hype machined up.  What’s wrong with you people?  This track is simply sensational and the remix is bigger than king kong.  Oh yes indeed!!!  Defuzz your radars!!!

If you ever wanted a remix of Blondfire given a bit of Foster The People sounding treatment, then what are you waiting for??? Get into this mix!!!

This mix is definitely running free tonight on our sound system!  I’m going back in for a 2nd helping of this audio delight.  I suggest you do the same…and it’s a free download. I look forward to this exploding on line and telling you I told you so.  YES…IT’S THAT GOOD!!!

Watch out for our up and coming YMR Watchlist for 2013.  We’re on the money with our 2012 list and Blondfire are on our 2013 to be put out soon….if you are a betting person, I’d get your money on this band for bigger things in 2013!!

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