Buchanan – Coming Down


Yes sir! If there was ever a small cluster of bands and artists that feature on YMR that you MUST simply listen to, Buchanan would be high on that list.  This new track ‘Coming Down’ has just shot them to the top of the pile.
The tracks on the Buchanan previous album Human Spring sounded like tracks from a never heard classic Coldplay album.  The new material is equally as outstanding but has been supercharged into house territory which we are seriously liking.  The original mix of this track is golden and the Taz Deep mix is just as good.

‘Coming Down’ was produced by renowned London dance-producer Simon Duffy (Leftfield, Mr Hudson, Dirty Vegas) who is working with the band on their forthcoming LP.

It’s criminal that this band hasn’t gone global.  If you never heard their first album (listen to it here).  If you listen to one track today, make it ‘Coming Down’.





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