Daft Punk – Computerized (Feat. Jay Z)


Remember those posters popping up all over Austin last year and the word on the street that Daft Punk were announcing their new album somewhere in the CBD at SXSW?  Well, this track is about as fake as all of those rumours put together…or…if it is real, there’s a reason that this was unreleased.  It doesn’t make the cut.

I doubt very much that Daft Punk would be releasing a remixed track from Tron Legacy with Jay-z that sets their sound back 4 years.  On a plus note, if this is a legit leak you might like it and of course it starts that SXSW Daft Punk appearing pot stirring again doesn’t it?

By the time we’ve hit publish on this post, it will probably have been culled from Soundcloud.  If that is the case, apologies for the blank space below. You didn’t miss much.


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