Yellowire – Tonight Is The Night (Remixed)


I’ve been on the hunt for this track since we saw the fake Daft Punk leak on YouTube and comments suggested it was in fact Yellowire sampled.   We’ve managed to track down the BEATO REMIX the sample was taken from plus a fine fake remix from Fincher which is pretty solid as a robot rock!

This all makes me very hungry for more Yellowire, that’s for sure.  We also trawled through all of the remixes that were dropped for the Yellowire competition through Talenthouse and came up with some absolute gems.

What we can definitely say about this post is:

  1. Yellowire are hot property.
  2. Everyone is going gaga for Daft Punk right now (well nearly everyone).
  3. This fake track mixed by Fincher of both Yellowire and Beato is bloody awesome.
  4. Love music. Love it all. Soak it all up folks! Fake. Real. You can’t deny a good track when it is GOOD!


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2 thoughts on “Yellowire – Tonight Is The Night (Remixed)

  1. This is not the real song…. This is just a remix of the fake SNL song… C’mon guys if you read the description of fincher he made this remix on the fake one… -.-


    YMR: This is a post on Yellowire and not Daft Punk. The point of this one is that the ‘fake’ remix is actually a great Yellowire remix and we’re trying to big them up here. 😉

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