Example vs. R.E.M. – The One Who Changed The Way I Love (HiFi Banjo Strings Mash Up)

Faaark!!! This is an absolute quality mash up.  Just when I was losing faith in the quality of new and improved mash ups that are out there at the moment, this mother by Hi-Fi Banjo Strings comes out to slap me in the face. 

It pays to like both the original tracks by R.E.M. and Example here but even if you were a hermit and never heard either of these you’d be pretty tight to not like this mash up.  Hi-Fi Banjo Strings have just taken both quality tunes and brought us a quality track.  No messing about.

This is a surefire track to feature in our hotlist for August.

Listen to it now!!


Example vs R.E.M. – The One Who Changed The Way I Love (a Hifi Banjo Strings mashup) by HiFi Banjo Strings

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