Foxes – Holding On To Heaven (The Chainsmokers Remix)


This track is inches away from #1 on Hype Machine.  In fact, by the time you read this and have taken a #SELFIE it will have jumped up to the top.  

This is a celestial remix for Foxes and her track ‘Holding On To Heaven’ by The Chainsmokers.


The Thing about Foxes is we Love her… Her vocals are beautiful and effortless and carry such a nice emotional sense of gravity. Its why we think her vocals always do so well with dance music. Holding onto Heaven was definitely a fun challenge for us to remix. The original is very far from a dance track and we wanted to think out of the box and do something unusual with the vocal. Additionally there were so many cinematic parts to the song to use particularly the string. In our remix you will here some vocal transposing that we think adds this very strange but unique edge that cuts through. That paired with our melody and the strong we think we came out with a very dynamic song thats in a constant flux of feeling.


This is out in the UK on May 4th. Pre-order here: and listen below:












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