Gigwam Festival Fun

I originally started out wanting to do an article on the wearable Poncho tents you can now buy which will protect you from the elements whilst you are at many a festival, come rain or shine. However, I then discovered the ‘Gigwam’ and stopped looking further as this is the king of kings of festival camping.

The genius invention was invented by Dustin Toland and it looks absolutely perfect for festivals and other events that you need to camp at. The Gigwam also lets you create small communities by connecting each tent with web of tunnels. Each tent is suitable for one person but imagine the fun you could have if you were on a trip to the Falls Festival, Glastonbury or Splendour In The Grass and if you had half a dozen of these babies linked by tunnels you could create your own b
atcave come bat castle fortress. In fact, you’d probably have so much fun that you’d miss half of the festival.

I’m not a fan of camping at all but this inventive option could definitely tip me over the edge. I’d prefer to go for the forthcoming 2 person Gigwam for a deluxe option.

So, I hear you cry, where can you buy a Gigwam? I’d go direct to the office source on the UK website (with the exchange rate you’d probably get a great deal on this from UK to Australia right now…just in time for Splendour).

Check out the very fabulous invention by Dustin Toland at the official UK Gigwam website

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