Calvin Harris – Feel So Close

Now then. Calvin Harris has always been a bit of a trail blazer and he is certainly setting the stars alight and the internet abuzz with his new track ‘Feel So Close’ right now. This little beauty was previewed a few days ago on Pete Tong’s radio show and the webosphere has been going mental for it since. Particularly because all that has really leaked of the original track is the radio rip.

On my hunt to see what other versions and tracks are available of this and to see if the hype is really worth it, I’ve also come across the J-LAH remix of the track which could quite possibly defeat the original track if the bass line of each track were to ever have a jousting competition.

Both tracks are stompers that deserve your attention and should both be on Your Music Radar.

We’ve attached links to the original ‘radio rip’ track and the J-LAH remix so you can make up your own mind of which track would rip up your dance floor.

Calvin Harris – Feel So Close (Radio RIP) by JustDoHits

Feel So Close – Calvin Harris (J-LAH remix) by J-Lah

Check out all things Calvin Harris at his official website here

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2 thoughts on “Calvin Harris – Feel So Close

  1. J-Lah just blew this outa the water !! AWSOME REMIX ! CREDIT to the original, but the mix of artistic high’s and lows make the J-Lah remix ROCK !!

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