Gotye – Somebody That I Used To Know (Feat. Kimbra)

If you haven’t heard Gotye’s new song or seen the video yet, give it a go. Gotye aka Wally De Backer won an ARIA award for his album ‘Like Drawing Blood’ back in 2007 for best male artist and in-between working on his new album (due for release in 2011) he has been performing with The Basics (who are also a quality band and you should check them out live as they’re awesome).

In my eyes he is still a talent that should get much more praise worldwide as one of Australia’s top song writers. He’s not a household name yet (in traditional households not the true music loving housholds) but he should most definitely be.

The great thing with his new song Somebody That I Used To Know is that the track not only packs the guts of his original album killer track ‘Hearts A Mess’ but it also features the very talented New Zealand songstress Kimbra who is due to release her eagerly awaited album in the not too distant future. So by the end of 2011 we should have two very talented quality artists getting their new releases out for the masses and getting to the point, hopefully, where both are much more well known, sought after and of course have their albums bought one hell of a lot.

Check out the video to Gotye’s new song here and his link to Soundcloud of current and older tracks:

All public tracks by Gotye

All things Gotye at their official website here

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