Jay-Z & Pharrell & Lana Del Rey – Allure (OTTR) [Urban Noize Remix]

Those Urban Noize boyz know how to mix a track.  My goodness this is hot!!!  This is going to go off bigger than a lot of mixes of recent times.  It’s HUGE!!!  Jay-Z & Pharrell & Lana Del Rey all in one mighty track ‘Allure (OTTR)’. WOW!!!

Are you familiar with Urban Noize and their mixes?  If you said no, we bet you’ve heard the Jay-Z and Adele mix they did ‘Won’t Go Wishing’ which was outstanding.  To say they’ve got the knack of picking tunes that slot together in perfection when they get mixing is an understatement.

Anything Lana Del Rey at the moment is hotter than Venus, so it’s a fair bet that this will rocket up the Hype Machine, Shuffler FM and We Are Hunted charts this weekend and beyond throughout the week too.

So…get into it now!!!  What are you waiting for!!!  Thank you to Urban Noize for putting this together.  Bliss!!!

  Jay-Z & Pharrell & Lana Del Rey – Allure (OTTR) [Urban Noize Remix] by UrbanNoize

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