KGdB Present: Cold Love Mixtape

Gamble & Burke have just dropped one hell of a mixtape of their original electro soul tracks, including 2 mighty covers and one awesome mashup. We’ll be honest and took us a little while to get to playing this mixtape but we are glad we gave it ear time and this should be on your music radar.

So, what do we have? Well, it’s a 60 minuter of ear bliss that sounds like it is straight out of the archives from Supermen Lovers. A mighty fine mixtape that you should give some ear time.

1. Time for Love
2. Cold Lovin
3. Isolated (With You)
4. Let’s Go Together (Baltic Chill Remix)
5. Wish That You
6. The Kid is in Love
7. Girls Back Home
8. Lay Low
9. Driven Girl
10. Your Presence is a Present
11. La La Means I Love You
12. If It Isn’t Digital Love
13. Disguise
14. Lovely Day
15. It Must Be Love

Check out all things Gamble & Burke and their fine mixes and tracks here.

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