Kid Mac – She Goes Off (Ft. Mickey Avalon)

Well, if there was ever a holiday tune that you play on repeat on a road trip, a pool party or anywhere you are livin’ it up big style, this one is the one you might play.  Kid Mac has dropped a track called ‘She Goes Off’ featuring Mickey Avalon and this track does literally go off like a gun!!! Smokin’ hot in the land of audio and video too!!!

If a great track wasn’t good enough, we’ve also got an awesome self produced video with a whole host of cameos to boot, including Snoop Dogg, Steve Aoki and Sarah McLeod.  We particularly love the Steve Aoki cameo!!!  He’s the best!!!

So who is Kid Mac???  Well, he is Marcios de Souza who also made Bra Boys which is the highest grossing documentary in Australian film history.  Not a bad thing to have on your resume is it?  Macario also produced his second feature-length documentary, Fighting Fear, featuring fellow Bra Boys Mark Mathews and Richie Vas.

So what are you waiting for???  Check out the awesome tune and video from multi talented Kid Mac.

Make sure you check out all things Kid Mac below too:



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