KIT for CANCER Fundraiser


This crowd funding project is VERY close to our hearts folks as the co-founder of Kit Up (Shelli) is a BIG reason why Your Music Radar exists today. Without her, YMR wouldn’t have existed.  She was diagnosed recently with cancer and instead of soul searching or sobbing in a dark corner she chose to turn a negative into a positive and the answer turned into KIT.

Kit is a practical but beautiful way to show support, respect & understanding. It’s a hand-crafted, lovingly curated pack of awesomeness made by patients for patients. And it is filled to the brim with all the practical, fun & comfort things everyone who went before you wished they had been given the minute they were hit with those 3 annoying words YOU. HAVE. CANCER.

Help us give something back in a big way and help hit KIT for CANCER go big on their fund raising target by clicking the link below.





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