Lissie – Pursuit of Happiness (Kid Cudi Cover)

If you are a fan of Lissie or have seen Lissie live then this will be old news to you. However, if not then you should get your ears wrapped around this track.

Lissie has been performing this track at her recent live shows and whether or not you know the original by Kid Cudi, it doesn’t matter has she has produced another pearler of a track.

At her recent Melbourne gig, Lissie played The Pursuit of Happiness and the crowd loved it. In fact, it went down an absolute storm.

This track has surfaced on a lot of music searches on line in the last couple of weeks and the track is driving a lot of popularity.

Check it out here and if you haven’t checked out Lissie’s album yet, you should. A stunner for 2010 & 2011.

Pursuit Of Happiness (Kid Cudi Cover) – Lissie by rufuku

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