Little Boots – No Pressure (Vicetone Remix)


Vicetone remixes are up there with our favourites and renowned for blasting the bpms in your face like sticking your head out of an aeroplane window.  This remix for Little Boots’ very excellent track ‘No Pressure’ sets the expectations high on the new two-part remix package of Working Girl, the new album from Little Boots.

On September 4th and 18th fans will have the chance to enjoy the album in a completely new way. With exclusive remixes from Vicetone, Dreamtrak, Psychemagik, Toyboy & Robin, Todd Terry and many more.

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Working Girl – The Remixes Part. 1
Released Sept. 4

1. “No Pressure” (Vicetone Remix)
2. “No Pressure” (Dreamtrak Remix)
3. “No Pressure” (Eagles & Butterflies Remix)
4. “Better In The Morning” (WITHOUT Remix)
5. “No Pressure” (Vicetone Remix Extended)

Working Girl – The Remixes Part. 2
Released Sept. 18

1. “No Pressure” (Todd Terry Remix)
2. “No Pressure” (Toyboy & Robin Remix)
3. “Get Things Done” (Psychemagik Remix)
4. “Get Things Done” (Rory Phillips Remix)
5. “No Pressure” (Todd Terry Dub)


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