Mac Miller – Love Lost

I’ve just heard this track by Mac Miller and feel the need to share this with you. Are you a Temper Trap fan? If so, you’ll recognise the backing track that has been sampled and looped.

This track is sizzling hot at the moment in popularity within online charts and should this track get as big as I think it will, it should only assist to promote both Mac Miller and to also carry the great sounds of Temper Trap to global domination. This track could do for The Temper Trap what Eminem did for Dido’s career in the US. I’m sure they won’t mind Mac Miller sharing this track with his 400,000 twitter followers.

Check this track out below and whilst I’m at it, you should check out The Temper Trap too as they are an awesome Australian band:
Mac Miller – Love Lost by madan48316

Love Lost by The Temper Trap by infectiousmusicuk

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