Monster iBeats By Dr.Dre

A little bit of a different review by YourMusicRadar. Firstly, if you live in Australia don’t read any further as you won’t be able to afford this earful bliss.

Unless….you are clever enough to purchase your in-ear headphones from the US or the UK where your hard earned dollar gets you so much more. However, that story is for another time.

A good friend on a recent trip to the US brought me back a pair of Dr. Dre Monster iBeats in-ear headphones. These are the iBeats high performance in-ear headphones with control talk and in-line mix for iPad, iPod & iPhone which also have volume and track up/track down control.

If you like your sound in HD audio and like your bass to be quality, plus the wonders of noise reduction in a pair of slick earphones, then these are the ones for you. They make the Apple headphones feel completely inferior and only the CX 300-II range by Sennheiser come anywhere close to these babies. However, the bass reproduction in the Monster headphones is far superior to the Sennheisers.

I recommend that you hunt online for these headphones as they are the ultimate experience for in-ear headphones.

Check out the official iBeats by Dr Dre website link here: Beats by Dr. Dre

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