It’s Gatto Fritto Time

What is there to be said about Gatto Fritto?  Is it space disco, is it Nu Disco, is it Balearica or is it chilled out european musica?

If you like Junior Boys, Lindstrom, Blackbelt Anderson or Prins Thomas then this is almost certainly the album for you.

This album takes me back to when I first listened to Zoolookologie by Jean Michel Jarre, as ‘Beachy Head’ is that kind of track.  Imagine the best tracks mixed with the best instrumental productions by Phoenix.  If you’re there yet, then this summer album is for you.

‘Invisible college’ brings out the Phoenix and The Crystal Fighters in all of us and is a clap happy track.  My god it is good, electro drums, bass and all.

If you ever purchased or listened to tracks by Blackbelt Anderson and loved them, then don’t read any further….get this album now.  If I had any stars to review it, I’d give them all, especially to the track Lucifer Morning Star which is Daft Punk meets The Human League vs. Erasure.  Sound good?  Then this is the one for you. It’s definitely the one for me and it’s definitely Gatto Fritto time!!!

Check out the track Beachy Head below:


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