Matt Corby – Into The Flame EP (Brother)

A shamelessly cheeky repost of what is now surely going to be a massive EP and track in the UK following Fearne Cotton’s BBC Radio 1 ‘NEW BIG THING’ today. We were banging on about Matt Corby’s ‘Into The Flame’ EP in January this year and the UK is finally catching up with YMR!!!

The EP features the outstanding track ‘Brother’ which was certified Gold in Australia after just two months.  He also equalled Washington’s venue record at The Corner, Melbourne with 5 consecutive sold out dates.  Not to mention the #3 placement in Triple J’s hottest 100 for 2011.

If that wasn’t enough, he was simply sensational at SXSW in Austin, Texas for the showcasing artist slot which only went towards an amazing launchpad for 2012 for his career both in Australia, the US and now the UK.

If you are reading this from outside of Australia, you just need to do one thing today and that is click on the track ‘Brother’ below.  You’ll understand why we’ve posted this track up back in January and again today.  It’s a simply stunning and beautiful track.  If you live in Australia, there’s probably a huge chance that you know this track but it’s aimed at those who don’t know it yet.

We also recommend that you check out the damn fine ‘Lancelot’ remix below that takes the track ‘Brother’ into another place altogether.

You can check out all things Matt Corby at his official site here and you can buy all things Matt Corby at his iTunes link here.

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