Maya Jane Coles – Don’t Put Me In Your Box EP

It’s fair to say that we are floating in blissville right now at this very moment.  Why I hear you ask?  Well, Maya Jane Coles has brought us her mighty mighty fine ‘Don’t Put Me In Your Box’ EP and we are loving it.  LOVING IT!!!

The EP not only has awesome artwork by the fine DJ/producer herself but it also features four very excellent new tracks that just beg to be put on loop. This will be the final 12″ EP release before her album project kicks in into 2012.  We didn’t manage to play the EP without playing each track two or three times as we were blown away with each track.  We’ve got dub-house, deep house and all manners of house going on here and it’s just plain marvellous.

Favourites on the EP?  It’s a hard call.  We might go with ‘Something In The Air’ as that one got the most repeat plays (so far) and with the vocal track layered over the beats, it’s definitely got a Moloko/Róisín Murphy vibe going on.  We can’t help but think too that the last 35 seconds of this track are begging for a sample for someone to remix a loop of this over some uplifting trance beats.  There could be an anthem there!!!

Maya Jane Coles has done some awesome solo work here and it’s no surprise really if you’ve heard some of the quality remixes she has produced, particularly of late we loved the remix of Little Dragon’s ‘Ritual Union’ that she took to another level (darker house level).

This EP has been released through Hypercolour (catalogue number Hype022) on Phonica Records.

Give the EP a listen at the official Phonica Records link here and get this on order and straight onto your decks as soon as you can.  Get it on your Christmas list as this one would be a hell of a stocking filler!!!

Maya Jane Coles Website



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