Memory Cards – What You Mean To Me

Memory Cards

Memory Cards has dropped a lush soundscape of a track with ‘What You Mean To Me’ which could be straight out of Ridley Scott’s Bladerunner.

This offering is from a 12 year old producer from Los Angeles.  Yes, you read that correctly, Memory Cards is a 12 yr old producer from LA.  Now that just goes to show how great the world of music is right now where no matter what age you are, wherever in the globe, if you have the talent you can get it out there.  That’s exactly what YMR is all about.  Love it!

If you like what you hear, download it HERE.

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About Memory Cards

About Graham Porter

Founder of YMR and has been trying to make a difference for unsigned, up and coming artists and all things great in music since 2011.

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