Newtimers – Falling

We’re ploughing head first into November with a whole host of goodies in our early Christmas stocking we can tell you!!!  An early present to y’all is the track ‘Falling’ by Newtimers.  Great track and great great voice!!!  A cheeky little number if ever there was one.

Some of the best tracks going are the ones with limited beats, limited layered tracks and simple vocals and this track definitely falls into this category.

Andreas Cavaco and Tim Lundblad are Newtimers and are both located in Stockholm, Sweden.    Together, they have brought us ‘Falling’ which is a damn catchy pop track with a little twist of magic.  In fact, we’re listening to it right now whilst writing this…..that would be ‘write now’ then?!?

Anyway, make sure you click on the link below and sacrifice 3 minutes 38 seconds of your time for a quality track….if you like, there’s even a little arrow to download it.  How nice is that from Newtimers?

We look forward to hearing more tracks from these guys and to hearing their new album ‘Ego’ as soon as it’s available.

Newtimers – Falling by Newtimers

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