REMi – Twistin’ It up (Ft. Chris Scott)

Here is the exclusive new single ‘Twistin’ It Up’ from the Australian Hip-Hop artist REMi featuring Stealing O’Neal’s Chris Scott…..and it’s a quality affair indeed!!!

This track, featuring a sample of the Foals hit ‘Red Sox Pugie’, is pretty aweseome.   Special stuff indeed for a first track from his Childish EP.

You’ve got Remi with his ‘Examplesque’ vocals together with Chris Scott’s ‘Timberlakesque’ vocals plus the great sampled Foals loop in the backing and all of this brings together a magical mixing pot of goodness.

I only heard this track Sunday morning and I’ve got to say that the track gets under your skin and makes you want to play it more and more.

A quality track by Remi ‘rEMi’ Kolawole and Chris Scott that deserves to be heard on all sides of the globe.  Good work!!!

Check it out below.

Twistin’ It Up. (Ft. Chris Scott.) by Remi ‘rEMi’ Kolawole.

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