Skizzy Mars Ft Biggie Smalls – Colours (DJ 21azy Remix)

Now there is catchy and there is so catchy you might just catch fire….this one is the latter category.  A damn fine remix by DJ 21azy

From the opening to the closing of this track, it just gets under your skin and makes you want to hit play one more time…just for luck.  I hadn’t heard this before today and I don’t care that it has come out of nowhere for me as this track is awesome and should be shared.

Probably one of those tracks that you love in large quantities for a short amount of time but look back with great fondness for the times you shared with the track too….

Love it!!!  Catch DJ 21azy’s disease!!!

Colours (Remix) – Skizzy Mars ft Biggie Smalls by DJ 21azy

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