French Cassettes – Radley

Another barn storming track that we just love and simply cannot get enough of.  The French Cassettes have reeled us in with the track ‘Radley’ and we reckon it will be on your music radar before too long.

A double bonus for you too as not only is this track great, the video is pretty cool too.  Mermaids!!!!

Based out of San Francisco California, the French Cassettes will entice, excite, and wow you with their eclectic style of soul, French pop, and psychedelic rock.

Also, how cool is this.  The track was filmed on location in the San Francisco Bay Area with an iPad 2, the video for “Radley” has been summed up by the Perez Bothers as, “The Blair Witch Project meets The Little Mermaid.”    Not far wrong we thinks!!!

Enough rambling….let’s get to it and listen.  Love it!!!

Radley by frenchcassettes

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