Buffetlibre – Bali Honeymoon

If you’re looking for a tune that raises your spirits and gets you all giddy, then you’ve come to the right place. Oh yes! Buffetlibre’s track ‘Bali Honeymoon’ stirs the vibes of a good time to be had.

This track features on Buffetlibre’s forthcoming first album ‘Songs For Elaine’ that is due for release in 2012. The album has been produced by Sidechains (Delorean) and it features vocals by the artists Micah P Hinson, Peter Von Poehl, Spinto Band, Plushgun any many more.

The artwork has also been designed by Roboto who has done some great work for Skrillex and Korn, to name but a few.

Listen to the track and as the slight echoing finish comes in, I bet you’ll want to hit play again.

In fact, this track is so uplifting, I’d completely forgotten that I had just stubbed my toe to the point of ‘possibly broken purple’. Maybe it’s a magic healing song too.

Enjoy…enjoy….and enjoy some more.

Buffetlibre – Bali Honeymoon by Buffetlibre

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