Dark & Stormy – VooDoo EP

It’s tribal tech house time and we’re going there on the vibes of Dark & Stormy’s new VooDoo EP.

From the opening hypnotic beats of ‘African With Doctor’, you know we are in good hands with Dark & Stormy. But wait….then the chorus beats build up and kicks in and we’ve got a voodoo house party happening.

There might be a very slight comparison to Deep Forest from the early nineties with the sampled african tribe vocals but imagine that brought bang up to ‘tribal tech house’ date with some awesome beats.

The second track from the EP is ‘Botswana Swing’ and it’s another cracker that should be ear joyed.

Check out the tracks below and click on the Beatport link to get your fingers on these beauties.

VooDoo Ep by DARK & STORMY

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