Somebody That I Used to Know – Walk Off The Earth (Gotye – Cover)

This is pretty much a straight up cover version of Gotye’s ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’.  However, it’s the video of the track that makes it stand out as you can see that basically the entire band are all playing the same ‘one’ guitar to create the tune.

Awesome stuff indeed by Walk Off The Earth.  This is guaranteed to go viral and when you get a tick of approval by Kimbra who features on the original, you know you’re doing ok.

Check out the ‘addictive’ video below!!!  And whilst you are at it, check out my favourite track that Gotye has ever done called ‘The Only Thing I Know.  It’s just over 7 minutes of awesomeness!!!!

Walk Off The Earth – Somebody That I Used To Know (Gotye Cover) 


Gotye – The Only Thing I Know by Alvaroxx


Somebody That I Used To Know (feat. Kimbra) by Gotye


Eyes Wide Open by Gotye


I Feel Better by Gotye


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10 thoughts on “Somebody That I Used to Know – Walk Off The Earth (Gotye – Cover)

  1. Thank you for including one of Gotye’s great older songs!

    His new stuff is great, but Heart’s a mess, larnalivinlovin, out here in the cold, the only thing I know, ect ect ect are all amazing as well.

  2. What you’re *watching* is five people playing one instrument. But that’s not what you’re listening to. Autotuned vocals, different EQs on different guitar parts (with different compressions etc) – it’s obviously multitracked. Which makes the premise of the clip a little fraudulent; it’s five people MIMING their song as if played on one guitar.

    I’m sure they can actually play it like this live. I’m equally sure it doesn’t sound like this, especially the female vocals which are pitch-corrected to a degree that would shame “Glee”.

  3. Hey Cantankerist. It’s a music video. They never claimed to be playing it live, but they are genuinely talented musicians who didn’t just wake up one day and decide to lip-sync-guitar-gang-bang somebody’s hit song for Youtube glory. These guys actually sing and play excellent originals and covers, but I bet they will have to play this live somewhere just to show people like you it can be done. Please go and yell fake, autotuned and photoshopped somewhere else.

  4. Walk Off The Earth is an amazing band. This cover is definitely one of their best! I absolutely love it!

  5. Hey Steve, actually they had a chance to say they were miming ( but they said it took them 30 takes instead… I know they are talented but for some reason most of their videos are mimed and they obviously like to trick people into thinking it’s not by placing microphones here and there. They “didn’t just wake up one day and decide to lip-sync-guitar-gang-bang somebody’s hit song for Youtube glory” ? And the iTunes link to a paying MP3 is here accidentally too HA ! Whatever, good for them, The Cantankerist didn’t say it can’t be done, he said it wouldn’t be so clean… Looking forward to seeing it.

  6. They also stole the idea from Little Comets. It’s funny that even the covers of this cover have got a number of million hits, yet the original idea has got about 500,000. Bonkers. I’m sure someone else had done something similar, but they were the first people to my knowledge to come up with it – worth a watch.

  7. Also a bit sneaky not to acknowledge them at all even though they tagged them in the original video searches too! Anyway, it’s insane how huge it has become.

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