Spotify Spotlight on 2016 – AU & NZ

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The Spotify Spotlight on 2016 list for Australia and New Zealand features artists Meg Mac, Kita Alexander, Safia, Eves the Behavior, Thomston, and Vancouver Sleep Clinic and more. 

We are all for curation of classic playlists and this one from Spotify on some rising Australian and New Zealand gems is gold and fits very nicely with our many YMR Playlists and our up and coming YMR Watch List for 2016.

The list is carefully compiled using a combination of both human curation by Spotify’s team of in-house music experts, and the analysis of millions of streams’ worth of music fans’s current listening data, including:

  • The artists whose music is appearing in Spotify’s viral charts, which are a barometer of the music that is being shared the most among friends.
  • The artists being listened to now by Spotify’s most musically-influential users, who have a track record of discovering breaking artists early.
  • The artists whose music is bubbling up in Spotify’s Fresh Finds, a weekly-updated playlists that identifies under-the-radar artists that are generating buzz online.

Spotify’s Spotlight programme aims to bring the best new music to millions of music fans on Spotify, and also to help new artists build their careers by finding and connecting with a fan base on Spotify.


Spotlight on 2016 AU/NZ Artists


Spotify Spotlight on 2016 – AU & NZ




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