SXSW 2013 Showcasing Artist of The Day: Disclosure


Everyday leading up to SXSW in Austin during March, we’ll be focusing on at least one band or artist. Today’s SXSW Showcasing Artist focus is Disclosure.

These guys were rumoured to be listed for quite some time and it is only in the last couple of days that they were confirmed as a showcasing artist.  Awesome to that we say!

I’m sure that most of the Music Badge holders will be queuing around the block to catch Disclosure live and so will we.  It’s a sure fire hot ticket for the music festival and it’s going to be a mighty show.

Check out some quality tracks below including their huge track ‘Latch’.


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About Disclosure

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2 thoughts on “SXSW 2013 Showcasing Artist of The Day: Disclosure

  1. I had “heard” they had 3 shows at SXSW. Not sure if that number is correct but I do know their schedule shows them in the UK on the 12th (Tuesday) and in the Miami on the 15th (Friday), so maybe the do a Wednesday and Thursday thing?!?! Hope to hear soon though. I know some of the big electronic parties are just now getting announced such as the dirtybird players tour that was just announced today, so I’m hoping to hear something as far as Disclosure is concerned VERY soon! Would hate to miss out on them being just down the road from me because I know it’s going to be a bit before they are back in the US so that we could have them through here in Dallas.

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