SXSW 2012: Crystal Fighters

When you are at SXSW, fate plays a glorious part in getting to some awesome gigs.  A classic example of this was last night when we ‘attempted’ to get into the Hype Machine Hotel gig last night for Miike Snow and Madeon and bypassed to Crystal Fighters instead.

One look at the queue and we thought, nah, we’re gonna seek out a smaller venue with a smaller crowd.  So what did we do?  We went across the Interstate Freeway to ND and caught the Crystal Fighters in a small intimate venue with a minimal sized crowd…..AND….no queue.  Awesome!!!

We have been big big BIG fans of The Crystal Fighters since we bought a Kitsune Maison compilation a few years back with their track ‘Xstatic Truth’.  At the time they were coined as ‘Gypsy Rave’ and when you see them live, you know damn well that the phrase that pays is true.  They are definitely Gypsy Rave.

The best thing about this gig was not just the amazing passion, energy and massive pieces of wood they used for a duelling xylophone, but also the fact that we love Crystal Fighters, love every tune on their album and they pretty much blasted us with an audio spray of joy with every track that we couldn’t soak up enough.

Seriously, this band are amazing on record and even more outstanding live.  If you are reading this and want to catch these guys live, do it!!  DO IT!!!!  You have to see these guys….that is all!!!!!  Whether it is at a venue at SXSW or on an up and coming tour somewhere near you, you HAVE to see this band!!!

Check out all things amazingly Crystal Fighters here and check out the sampler track below to get your audio fix.  CHAMPION SOUND!!!

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