The Devil’s Son – Belle Phoenix and The Subterranean Sea

Haunting, scary and sexy.

Belle Phoenix is shrouded in mystery. But a good mystery. Who is she? What does she like? What has she experienced? Belle is a Melbourne singer, now based in Helsinki – like messages in a bottle drifting against the shore, she releases songs that are evocative, emotive and original – and ‘The Devil’s Son’ is no exception.

The new track ‘The Devil’s Son’ starts ominously, swirling into a PJ Harvey reverie, with Belle’s expressive vocals sounding tortured yet beautiful – all adrift with windy backing vocals with violins, cellos and drums adding to the expansiveness of this impressive song. The song lures you into darkness, as you fall under the spell of its sorrowful and haunting tune.

The Belle Phoenix experience is something that becomes more enticing with each track she releases. There is a depth of emotionality that fills her music, and with producer Lindsay Gravina (Adalita, Kate Miller-Heidke, Rowland S. Howard) in tow, there is a feeling that even more special music will appear.

‘The Devil’s Son’ will be released as a B-Side to the gorgeous ‘Blossom of Love’ – with Belle wanting to release these tracks due to their polarity. ‘Blossom of Love’ reflecting light and ‘The Devil’s Son’ emitting darkness. The songs are a preview of a work entitled ‘From Darkness Into Light’.

The single will be available on vinyl pre-order on January 2020, with a digital download available on Belle Phoenix’s website and at Bandcamp (see details below).

Belle Phoenix continues to work on her album, the wonderfully titled Like Driving Drunk Through A Blizzard – a release we are excited about.



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