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Vaudeville Smash, one of the most exciting live bands to burst onto the Australian scene have dropped their brand spanking new track Look At Me from their forthcoming debut album, produced by John Castle (The Bamboos & Washington).

We’ve had our eye on Vaudeville Smash for some time now and this Your Music Radar 2013 Watch List band are ready to hit you up with this new track in time for their trip to Austin for SXSW and Toronto for Canadian Music Week.

The new single Look At Me is a thrilling look at the “Look At Me Generation”, both celebration and send-up. And Vaudeville Smash singer and sax man, Marc Lucchesi, admits there might also be a little bit of himself in the song. “Look at me, look at me,” he sings, “Everybody love me. Want you to see me. Want you to wanna be me.

“The lyrics are tongue-in-cheek,” Marc says, “but I guess I’m also paying myself out. It’s the life of someone up on stage, wanting to be loved.”

A lot of music fans have fallen in love with Vaudeville Smash (who took their name from an Italian children’s karaoke machine that was around in the late ’80s, in case you’re wondering). No other Australian band sounds like ’em. They’ve carved their own niche, building a formidable following in their hometown of Melbourne, selling out the Corner Hotel, playing at the Australian Open, and being acclaimed as the Most Popular New Band at the St Kilda Festival.

The dance floor is packed at a Vaudeville Smash gig. The band is all about entertainment. But don’t mistake their easygoing charm for lack of ambition. “I shoot to please,” Marc sings in Look At Me, “but I shoot to kill.”

They’re taking their sound to the world, returning to South by Southwest in Austin, where they were hailed as one of the “buzz bands” by The Huffington Post after their first SXSW visit in 2011.

Vaudeville Smash features three brothers. Marc, Dan and Luca Lucchesi’s dad sang Italian and Spanish folk songs and dug The Beatles. And their mum’s dad was the conductor of the Adelaide Latvian men’s choir and taught the kids classical piano.

Are the Lucchesis volatile, like the Gallaghers, or more mild-mannered, like the Farriss brothers? “We’ve learnt to become more Farriss-like over the years,” Marc laughs, “but there’s no brawl like a brawl between brothers. We’ve actually had a couple of very heated arguments on stage. I think the punters think it’s part of the show – at least I hope they do. The good thing is, five minutes later you’re friends again.”

Vaudeville Smash take their music seriously. But they don’t take themselves too seriously. One listen to Look At Me confirms that. It’s a cheeky summer smash.


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“You can’t help but move. The gig is an event. Vaudeville Smash are a great live band.” – Jeff Jenkins, Inpress

“Vaudeville Smash: perfect soundtrack for a montage in an ’80s movie.” – Mark R. Collins, The Huffington Post

“I’ll be damned if Vaudeville Smash aren’t the most mind-blowingly refreshing live act to emerge from Melbourne since God knows when.” – Lachlan Kanoniuk, Beat

“He [Marc Lucchesi] sounds like a disco idol … Vaudeville Smash are exactly what live music is all about. If you don’t love them, you’re an idiot.” – Zoe Radas, Beat




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