Wolfskind – Build You A Castle (Mokoa Remix)

Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 2.17.16 pm

Is it too late to add Mokoa to our YMR Watch List for 2015?  Up unit two yesterday I hadn’t picked up on this awesome French artist but I’ve been soaking up everything that is on offer today from this one to watch as it’s all golden audio goodness.

Exhibits A & B below are fine testaments to why you should be indulging in Mokoa in 2015 (and of course C & D via our previous post link for the Fatboy Slim and Bob Marley mixes HERE).

Yes, we bang on a lot about artists we think you should be hearing but every once in a while, a special artist comes alone that you just can’t take your ears off of.  Mokoa is definitely in that category.  Watch out Kygo.







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