YMR Mid Air Music

Your Music Radar is choc full of banging tunes, top tracks and amazing remixes.  However, we don’t always listen to new stuff and we often do saturate ourselves in tracks of 100 BPMs or less.  You know we’re eclectic at the best of times but this playlist might be our most eclectic and chilled yet.

When you are on a long or short haul flight, sometimes you need to block out the world and let the chill vibes in.  There are some tracks here that should always be played in a dimly lit room or even in the dark.  There’s also tracks that you probably will or won’t have heard from some of the biggest bands and artists in recent times, including U2, Depeche Mode, Moby and many more.

Pour yourself a glass of red, a vodka martini or whatever your liquid weapon is and kick back with our YMR After Dark playlist.






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