YMR Premiere: Ce Ce Peniston – Finally (Dash Speaks Remix)

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All things 90s is hurtling back at us with breakneck speed at the moment.  What better time then, than to listen to this unique Dash Speaks remix of Ce Ce Peniston’s ‘Finally’.

There have been loads of remixes, reboots and reworks of this classic track but probably not one like this. This mix injects the original with a summer sun kissed vibe that is perfectly primed for a YMR premiere.

Dash Speaks is a DJ, producer, rapper, talent-buyer, and music-lover born and raised in New York City. His music and DJ sets reimagine and reinterpret hip hop, borrowing elements from all kinds of other genres, but ultimately celebrating the music on which he was raised and with which he fell in love.




Whilst you are here, hear this magical Macy Gray remix too to keep the cocktails and sunshine flowing.




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