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OK.  The time has come around again for our YMR Watch List for 2014 and this time we’ve decided to split this up by top acts to keep your eyes on next year in Australia and a separate list for the US and rest of the world. We could’ve listed A LOT of artists here and it was hard to cut it down, so we’re going to be greedy.

Greed is the word, is the word, that you heard! It’s got groove, it’s got meaning! Well, something like that anyway.  The crop of rising talent that is coming out of Australia at the moment is pretty phenomenal, so it would be a shame for you to miss out on some sensational artists that we reckon are going to be on their way to a bumper year.  And yes, we’ve listed Vance Joy but we’re still having conversations with people who have never heard of him, so 2014 is going to be make or break for this rising star.  We’re not saying they’ll all be ‘world famous’ by the end of 2014 but we’d definitely slide a lot of our long tail chips on the music roulette table and bet big on these artists in 2014 and beyond.

This is the fourth YMR Watch List we’ve put together since YMR was founded back in 2011 and this is easily the biggest set of rising talent that you should be listening to that we’ve ever listed.  It’s all rather exciting!!!

Looking back on our YMR Watch List for 2013, there were some prime audio treats from R3hab, The Disco Fries, Capital Cities, The Royal Concept, Avec Sans and Blondfire that set the blogs on fire in 2013.  Others are slow burners that are likely to produce some eargold in to 2014.

Check out the ear talent below individually and in playlist format below (scroll down for a Spotify playlist) and all we can say is Banks, Banks, Banks, Banks and more Banks who is firmly placed blipping away as our #1 pick to be on your music radar for 2014.


Australian Top 10 YMR Watchlist for 2014

Little May


D.D Dumbo


The Kite String Tangle


Vancouver Sleep Clinic






Hayden James




Vance Joy


The Aston Shuffle




US & Overseas

Top 15 YMR Watchlist for 2014




Sam Smith


Say Lou Lou






Patrick Baker


Bebe Rexha


Betty Who


The Chainsmokers










Chelsea Lankes


Johnny Stimson




Spotify YMR Watchlist: 2014 Playlist

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