YMR Watch List: 2018


It’s the most, wonderful time of the year!!! No, not Christmas…it’s the YMR Watch List! We’re again looking into our crystal ball to see who we think will rock it, knock it out of the park and grow like magic beans into giant beanstalks in 2018!

Looking back at who we listed for 2017’s Watch List, we hit the nail on the head again with a fair number of artists that we thought would be on the rise, from the likes of Alice Ivy, KLP, Gallant, Marie Dahlstrøm, Rag’n’Bone Man, Throtte and more.

We have also rolled over a couple again on this this year’s list as they are going to continue to be truly on the rise.

Check out our 20 artist playlist below and keep your eyes and ears on this lot in 2018 as they’re going to be getting bigger, getting the brand awareness out there and will be on the tip of your tongue in 12 months time.

YMR Watch List Artists 2018

  1. Baker Boy
  2. Kllo
  3. Basenji
  4. Ukiyo
  5. Frida Sundemo
  6. Carl Louis
  7. Marcus Marr
  8. Annie Bass
  9. Kah-Lo
  10. Liv Dawson
  11. Kelela
  12. Sofi Tukker
  13. Geowulf
  14. Eat More Cake
  15. Amy Shark
  16. Pale Honey
  17. DWNTWN
  18. Alice Ivy
  19. Halcyon Drive
  20. Touch Sensitive






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