YMR’s 100 Best of 2017

YMR B2017

Looking back on 2017, it has been a great year for some rising artists hitting their stride and getting mainstream attention and increasing their brand awareness.

Again, there’s a good portion of our 100 best of 2017 tracks that probably have not seen the light of ‘mainstream’ day on other blogs and sites.  We always try to do things a little differently at YMR.

There are some gem tracks and artists here that will easily make it onto our YMR Watch List for 2018.  We backed The Chainsmokers in the first week of the year to have a stellar 365 days and boy did they do that, opening the year with ‘Paris’ and ending it on a Stadium World Tour, that is continuing into Europe in early 2018.

Keep your eyes and ears peeled and in the meantime get this played in the meantime why don’t you!?!

YMR’s 100 Best of 2017 Tracklist



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