Avril Lavigne vs Ed Sheeran – My Happy Ending vs Thinking Out Loud (Mashup)

Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 5.25.20 pm

This is another mashup that is everything that we wanted in an Avril Lavigne and Ed Sheeran mix.  This is also an opportunity to raise awareness of legitmix.com who might just be the answer to the prayers of all those remixers out there getting booted off Soundcloud.

Not only does legitmix.com let you mix tracks and get paid for it, it also lets the original artists get paid for it too, hence not illegal and getting taken down. Quite a modern concept if we say so.

Allegedly the embedded tracks from legit mix also get indexed on Hype Machine.  We’re going to thoroughly test this over the coming weeks but if that is true, we think you might be jumping ship from Soundcloud and getting onto the good ship legitmix.

All will be revealed soon once we’ve checked out this theory. In the meantime, get onto this mix.





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