Cher Lloyd – Playa Boi

We picked up recently on the track ‘Playa Boi’ by Cher Lloyd and thought…where do we know that track from?  Yep, it’s an embodiment of Neneh Cherry’s ‘Buffalo Stance’ and you know, she’s done a great job with the track.  A cheeky tinker with a few words in the chorus and main verses but it’s good!!

Cher Lloyd’s got an album out called ‘Sticks & Stones’ and we’ve had it on play this week.  Love it.  A bit grimey and a bit cheesy all in one album.  In particular the tracks ‘Playa Boi’, ‘Swagger Jagger’ and With Ur Love (featuring Mike Posner) are catchy as hell tracks.

Most people would start a post like this with “former X-Factor contestant”… However, sometimes it’s better to be judged on your talents and not how you get to a destination, even if it might have helped along the way.  Case in point is that we’d heard of Cher Lloyd here in Australia without any initial knowledge of the X-Factor bit.  No bias towards or against X-Factor but sometimes it’s easy for people to immediately switch off if you mention that bit.

Anyway…you can never say our music tastes here aren’t eclectic!!!

Check out the tracks below and get things all Cher Lloyd on Twitter, Facebook & YouTube.


Playa Boi by Cher Lloyd ?


Superhero by Cher Lloyd ?


Swagger Jagger by Cher Lloyd ?


Over The Moon by Cher Lloyd ?


With Ur Love (Feat. Mike Posner) ? by Cher Lloyd ?



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