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The very fine Little Boots has been DJ’ing recently with Lovers & Gamblers, so we thought we’d check out their mixes and tunes to see what’s on offer in their land of boogie, disco and house!  You know what, there were some excellent surprises in store for us!!!

On our trip to New York a couple of weeks ago, we hit the Bleecker Street Record store in search of a second hand record that we couldn’t track down in Australia or online anywhere.  The vintage album we were after was the debut album by the US artist Pebbles (who had tracks out called ‘Girlfriend’ and ‘Mercedes Boy’).  A long trip to track down a CD en route to SXSW but guess what…low and behold we managed to track it down and buy it.  The joy!!!!

So, why are we mentioning this?  Well, when we listened to the track ‘Beat Inside’ by Lovers & Gamblers today we thought…hmmmm….that sampled vocal and beats sound very familiar.  We have that Pebbles CD on our playlist at the moment and you know what, this ‘Beat Inside’ has a line taken from the very track ‘Mercedes Boy’ by Pebbles.  What are the odds???  Coincidence or divine intervention for us to feature Lovers & Gamblers on our site?  Who knows.  Either way, it’s an absolute corker of a mix/track and after listening to this and some of their other remixes, we just had to get something up on these folks.

So, check out the fine track below and check out their other quality remix touches too.  Get yourself down memory lane too with the original ‘Live Apollo’ performance by Pebbles in 1998.

Find all things twitterific on Lovers & Gamblers here.

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