Metronomy Vs Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Heartbreaking Maps (DJ Clive$Ter Mash)

Another day, another track from the archives for our ‘Slipped Through The Net’ week. This track mixed by DJ Clive$Ter was on our radar some time ago and we thought it was only fair to resurrect this track with you this week.

The original track ‘Maps’ by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs is in fact a heartbreaker of a track. DJ Clive$Ter recognised this and took the track Heartbreaker by Metronomy and mashed it up perfectly with the accoustic ballad by Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

If you know this track already, I’m sure you’d agree that this mash up remix was pretty special.  If you are new to this track, hopefully you’ll feel like we do about it and give it a play:


08 Heartbreaking Maps by Your Music Radar

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