Neneh Cherry – Buffalo Stance // Cher Lloyd – Playa Boi

It had to happen.  Watching Jamie Oliver’s new episodes to his 15 Minute Meals book and TV series, the bombardment of Neneh Cherry’s track ‘Buffalo Stance’ has set into my psyche and the track is now on my playlist.  I’m surprised they didn’t go with the rework of it by Cher Lloyd but that doesn’t matter.  The track still sounds good after all this time.

Whether you know it, love it or this is the first time you’ve heard it.  It is destined to be played a lot more once this new TV show spreads like a virus across the globe in the lead up to Christmas and beyond.

Check out the original version below by Neneh Cherry and also get your fill of the Cher Lloyd track ‘Playa Boi’.



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One thought on “Neneh Cherry – Buffalo Stance // Cher Lloyd – Playa Boi

  1. Yeah this is one of those little odd ones I keep in my virtual “crate.” I’m in the list of always-loved and not-forgotten…though I never really knew any other songs from Neneh Cherry, I remember recording this off the radio back in the cassette days. I remember being so impressed that she could rap AND sing, and the message was a good one for a 13 year old girl: I’m not going to be your hooker, buddy!

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