Parklife Festival Melbourne 2011 – Live Updates

Yes folks, the day is upon us in Melbourne that we’ve been looking forward to. Parklife 2011!!! We are armed with the excellent Parklife iPhone app which has a map, a planner for the acts (clash clash clash) and more importantly, we know where the toilets are…which is always an important fact at a festival.

Looking at the planner and give or take the odd stage clashes, we are attempting to see the following artists throughout the day in this order:

  • Kimbra
  • Tensnake
  • Little Dragon
  • SebastiAn
  • Adrian Lux
  • Katy B
  • Mylo
  • Example
  • Crystal Fighters
  • Santigold
  • Sebstian Tellier
  • Diplo
  • Digitalism
  • The Streets
  • Gossip
  • Nero
  • Duck Sauce
  • Lykke Li
  • Simian Mobile Disco

Not a bad list of artists to see in one day is it? I’m sure there will be some legging it in-between stages to catch all of them and cutting short some too!!!

We will be rambling all day, live from the event and updating this post as we go along (some coherent updates and some possibly incoherent ones towards the end of the 10 hour day due to the wonders of iPhone’s auto correct and maybe some cheeky beverages along the way).

Feel free to check in on our live updates as the day progresses!!!


10pm: Time to say goodbye. What a great 9hrs of music. Epic fail on the sniffer dogs and Vic Police tonight by the way. Lots of drugs, spliffs and bottles of spirits on show. No trouble though and all were having an awesome time. Epic festival tonight!!! Looking forward to Parklife 2012 already. SXSW 2012 to hit first though. Woop!!!

9.11pm: DUCK SAUCE…great tunes but sh*thouse sound. Either they brought along a poor sound system or they’ve been told to turn it down. They’re having a great time and so are the crowd but the sound isn’t a patch on what else we’ve heard today! Classic Sydney Meyer sound syndrome if ever we heard it. Atleast that was the first and last time tonight it reared it’s head.

9.00pm Lykke Li. Awesome. Worth the ticket alone for today.

8.45pm: Time for LYKKE LI.

8.15pm: Back in The Gossip zone and it’s all good. F*cking cold but good.

8.00pm: NERO. Good. But I’m disappointed. Not quite what we’d hope for. Heard a lot about their live show and it was just an average DJ set. Back round to Beth then.

7.45pm: Beth Ditto brings us the goods. Sparkle time. In her
words “cheers to that my bitches”.

7.30pm: GOSSIP time and then leg it round for NERO.

6.55pm: DIPLO doing what he does best on the main stage, in a suit jacket no less. A quality affair. Getting cold here now. Massive queue to buy merch (hoodies).

6.15pm: SEBASTIEN TELLIER reminds me of the dog from the Daft Punk. He’s a good boy!! Awesome! Small crowd though.

6.00pm Next up it’s SANTIGOLD. She’s kicking out all of the old tunes (dressed a little Snookie like though). The crowd is predictably loving it and fortunately she is too (I remember the reviews of the last time she played Melbourne and they weren’t that favorable).

5.35pm: It’s back to the Atoll stage for CRYSTAL FIGHTERS!!! Epic tunes. We first got into these guys from an early Kitsune Maison CD and they blasted Xstatic Truth at us in the only way a gypsy rave track can hit you. Another one you’d want to see as a sideshow when they come back to Australia.

5.31pm: Example is seriously good. No sideshows this time but you should get onto Example tix when he tours. Hands in the air time!!!

5.00pm I do believe it’s EXAMPLE time. My suspicions have been confirmed that the stage and crowd area is definitely too small. Fortunately we got a good spot!!! Awesome and he’s well up for it!! Stay Awake is one top tune live! He should’ve been on the main stage tonight though.

4.50pm: A cheeky last 10 minutes with ADRIAN LUX to try and get a good spot for Example. Packed out!!! What a great last 10 too. The Swedish House Mafia mix of Coldplay has just brought the house down! If there was a roof it would’ve gone off!!!

4.10pm: KATY B hits the stage and she’s bringing the house down. It’s the first time she has toured Australia and she’s lovin’ it. Great vibe and awesome tunes! Great horn section too!!! Commanding a large stage and a massive crowd with ease. Best act of the day so far!!! Particularly with her 90’s medley of Inner City’s ‘Good Life’ and Robin S’ ‘Show Me Love’.

3.30pm: A hop and a skip across and were at Kakadu stage for SEBASTIAN. a stage built like it’s for a dictator. You half expect Stalin to be on next.

3.10pm: Just in time for Ritual Union and Crystalfilm. LITTLE DRAGON are stunning. The base that the Atoll stage is throwing out is pretty special. Should be awesome for the later bands here too.

2.45pm: TENSNAKE time!!! Love it! This dude has the most chilled happiest grin for a DJ. Everyone is loving it big time. Not enough time though as we need to shoot back around for Little Dragon.

2.31pm: Gold Fields….four drummers! Nice touch!!

2.27pm: It’s on!! Gold Fields kick into a cover of Underworld’s ‘Born Slippy’ and we’re off!!!

2.17pm: A cheeky diversion to see up and comers GOLD FIELDS!! Damn fine tunes indeed. The Cave is a great sized stage for these boys and their sound. Good crowd too. Great you can get close! Definitely ones to watch!!!

1.55pm: KIMBRA time!! Great crowd getting bigger! The Atoll stage probably too small a venue though in hindsight. Great well oiled sound though from Kimbra and her band.

1.20pm: HARVARD BASS!!! Bringing some mighty fine bass to the Kakadu stage! Loving the Grace Jones & Mickey Mouse video screen back drop. I should’ve worn my ears and a lazy patch!

12.49pm: First band ahoy! Say hello to STRANGE TALK! Great sound on the main Sahara stage! They’re a cross between Gypsy & The Cat and Cut Copy. Not a bad combination I hear you say!!!

12.30pm: Super slick entry with no queue. Too early or a sign of the day to come? Nice and quick for a festival! Bring it on! Kakadu stage is a good size for Example. Oh yes!!

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