SXSW 2012: Penguin Prison – Hard Rock Hotels ‘Sound of Your Stay’ Music Lounge

We’ve wanted to catch the mighty Penguin Prison live for sometime now since discovering them with their awesome tunes and amazing album.  When the chance came along to get to catch them at SXSW at the Hard Rock Hotels ‘Sound of Your Stay’ Music Lounge, we took it!!!

This wasn’t just any old gig, it was practically a live in your living room type gig as we were that close.  Especially when Chris Glover jumped into the crowd with guitar in hand and started playing amongst the party people having a great time.

Sometimes it can be a bit odd at these things as the bands have to pump out all of their top tunes in around 20-30 minutes but in this case it was quite awesome as we were blasted with all of the classic tracks from their album that sounded ‘so good’ live.

This gig was definitely one of the highlights of SXSW this year for us and there is no doubt that at some point in 2012 and beyond, this band will be on the rise.  We recommend you catch them live in a town near you and get their album pronto.

Check out all things Penguin Prison here.

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