The Weeknd – The Morning ft. Kenton Dunson (Chi Duly Remix)

If you are a lover of The Weeknd, you’ll get some extra joy with this version of ‘The Morning’ featuring Kenton Dunson which has been remixed by Chi Duly.

The Weeknd are hot property at the moment and when you add a dash of Mr Dunson to the mix, you know the track is going to be good.

Chi Duly has done a great job with the remix of this track.  He came to prominence when he released ‘October’s Very Cold’ back in 2010, when he combined acapellas of Drake with samples from Coldplay.

Watch this space for Kenton’s up and coming video to his track ‘Firestarter’.  In the meantime, check out this track below and also check out the artwork video (not just any old video but it morphs from the artwork cover into a live video).  Enjoy!



The Weeknd – The Morning ft. Kenton Dunson (Chi Duly Remix) by Chi Duly

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